Lock Down Your Products With A Membership Site Script


When creating your membership site, you need to ensure that only those who have paid for a specific level of access have access to those products they are entitled to by their payment. If people have access to products and benefits they haven’t paid for and word spreads of this, not only will you lose money that you should be getting, but you will likely lose subscribers who will feel cheated by paying for access to products that others are getting for free. Thus, you must use a quality membership site script that will prevent access to those who have not paid.

There are several quality membership site platforms and scripts that will enable you to restrict access to those who have not paid. If they attempt to access products they have not paid for, they will be notified that they do not have a high-enough level of access to access or download them and be provided with a link to the sales page where they can pay for access. If they close the window and forego the payment, they will be taken back to the page where they were at before they attempted to access or download the forbidden product.

A good membership platform or script will recognize which members have access to specific content, resources, and/or features of the site because the system will recognize those who have paid for access via the username and password they have entered to enter the site. A good platform or script keeps track of which members have which level of access, which can range from the most basic of features and privileges (which are often for free or at very low cost) to access to all of the features and privileges a site has to offer (which is the highest level, and also at the highest monthly, bi-annual, and annual cost).

Therefore, to have a successful and profitable membership site, you have to use a good membership platform or script that limits access to specific products, resources, and/or section to those who have paid for that specific level of access. All others who have not are redirected to a page to where they can pay for access; if they choose not to, they are redirected back to the page where they were at before they tried to access the restricted product, resource, or section. Those who have paid for access are given access because the membership site platform or script recognizes the level of access based on the username and password the member uses to access the site. Such access is required to maintain order and profitability of a successful membership site.

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